Week 16

this was the last week of school and I still feel like I’m exploring different ideas. These were my final projects

I enjoyed working on all these projects. My favorite part is the process but I need to start thinking about the end result. I’m also fond of surprises which is why I enjoy ceramics because of the different things that can happen. I know that for my future works I want to create things that are interactive, which I mean utilitarian forms are already interactive by nature but I mean as in non utilization forms. I want to encourage people to touch my ceramic work when it’s not in the form of a utilitarian vessel, because I like that connection. I feel like I’ve learned a lot this semester and while it may not seem like I’m sure what I’m doing (based on how different my works look to one another), I feel like I’m getting there. I’m almost there! Throughout the whole semester I have kept thinking I want to create an immersive environment and my next step is to figure out how I can accomplish that, and I already have an idea but, again… it’s not going to be consistent with what I’ve been making. However, I’m stating to have a better understanding as to what I’m trying to do!


Week 15

So for our last project we had to chose our own adventure and so I decided to go with Design. This was to challenge myself with my craftsmanship and forms. I looked at some references from European countries and the ones I visually enjoyed were long vases. So here’s some pictures of one I’ve made and the process of how I’m making them.

I’m throwing sections and then attaching them together. This is mainly because I’m not that great at throwing larger items. So if I want to make bigger things, this is how I compensate that flaw of mine. I’ve actually really enjoyed this technique, I feel like it gives me control over my form a little better than on the wheel (since I’m still new to it). I will be firing this to cone  6 as well.


It’s been a while since I’ve wrote on here, figured I’d at least give an update. So I think I never published my work that I had made for my bfa crit but here are some pictures. I honestly wasn’t sure what I was going to do at first but then decided to just reflect as to who I am  I’m not sure if I will continue this type of work but I certainly did learn a lot from this. I will still continue working on my skill for majolica! I think it’s something that I do enjoy but not sure if that’s what I really want my work to be consistent of (if that makes sense). This also made me realize what I need to work I’m primarily on my craftsmanship and the such. I’ll continue working on such things!

Week 7

I completely forgot about week 6, even though I took some pictures. As a recap I had some issues with my project with the pods here are some pictures

Later on when I lifted it back up it fell down while I wasn’t there…

Anyway, I made some new type of clay that’s great for sculpture and it is amazing. I just love it a lot, I started remaking this project using it but I’m still going to try to salvage the original. But here are some pics of the new one.

I also began to work on something that is representative of cities and I just wanted to make something that gestures to this perspective of looking at a city from a distance where the buildings seem to clump together.

They aren’t connected yet in those pictures but that’s something I’m working on this week (week 8). I’m also having issues with conceptual matter. There are a lot of things I want to base my work on but I just don’t know how and that’s where my issue lies.

Week 5?

I began attaching my pods together which was working great however, issues began to emerge. For one, some pods I made too thin and easily got bent/broke. I also used the wrong clay for this project which I like the clay so I’m just going to struggle through it. So far this project has caused me to try different things so it’s been a good learning process. I’m also goin goin back to more cylinder shaped pods because it may make attaching things together easier. I really need to start pumping these pods out though because so far all my pieces have ended up cracking and what not so I don’t have as much done as I’d like. The cracking may have also been my bad because of all the moving I did on them, so far the one I haven’t touched hasnt cracked. Also, I was suggested to make and use paperclay slip, epsom salt or vinegar  to fix cracks so I’m definitely going to be trying those things out.

Oh ive also been trying different ways to attach them I think it’s easiest to put them into a concave circle. I also made a damp box this week!

Week 4

For this week, I’ve been working on the new complex project. I’ve just been throwing off the hump making cone like objects. It has been an interesting process for sure, there are times when it’s easy and other times when the first handful of them just don’t work at all. The saddest parts are when I have a perfect cone form and as I’m trying to get it off the hump I accidentally mess it up by jabbing my finger at it while it’s spinning. So I’ve been trying to keep my hands more coordinated, it’s something that I absolutely need to work on even for outside of ceramics. This week I also stumbled upon a ceramic artist on Instagram @art_dekarla and she’s an undergrad ceramic student who is from Jalisco, a state in Mexico from which I’m also from!!! So it’s very exciting to see someone who shares a similar background to me, also share a similar interest. Her artworks are beautiful, she makes traditional like forms and paints on top of them naturalistic  birds and hearts. I’ll try to post an image of hers. I am really inspired by how she uses underglaze and I may want to experiment with under glaze maybe. She also paints a lot of hummingbirds on her pieces (not a lot but her pieces tend to have a hummingbird on them) which I found interesting because I also have created things based around hummingbird

Week 3

This week I finished the found trash project, well I found parts that I had made for it in my car after presenting it so it’s not as finished as it could be. I may attach them on still but I’m not sure.

Other than that I began the complex project and I’m throwing small bowl like forms, I’m trying to make them more cone shaped now though. Anyway, I’m trying to make a lot of them to create a foxglove sculpture. I’ve been trying to find something to focus my work around and so I came up with a list of things I liked. I enjoy installations and so I am hoping I can make enough of this floral sculptures so that I can create a space that can be walked around. It’s a long shot but I’m hoping to continue this idea with other objects to include. I just always seem to have a hard time making body of works that are cohesive together and I figured I should at least make an attempt on something that I want to focus on. I also still enjoy making functional stuff so I work on making some vessels. I figure I could focus on sculptural objects and then do functional ware on the side.