Week 12

This week I was able to make a few things for the wood kiln and some other things for maiolica. They’ve also been through the bisque! I made some planters, mainly because I messed the things I threw and just made them into planters. I accidentally let some of them dry to quickly and cracks developed so that was disappointing. I guess I just didn’t cover them as good as I thought. I also originally had planned to make a mold of coco to cast but I’m not sure thatll be ready mainly because it seems like it’ll be complicated and I’ll have to run through different problems. Instead I have been working on this other project, continuing with my idea of playing with nostalgia and things people may have done as kids. This particular experience revolves around looking under rocks for bugs and that sort of thing. I’m making slabs and putting them on a hump? Mold and so then I carve out the negative space between some rolly Polly shapes. The plan is to do maiolica on the inside (paint bugs inside) and place these on a wall, the maiolica facing wall with a mirror on the other side. The idea is that a person will have to get up close and look through the crevasses to try and see what’s underneath.

Those are some random things for the wood kiln… the ones I remembered to photograph


Week 11

I’ve been testing my mold this week and also working on making things for the wood kiln. Joe Pintz came to have a workshop and I’ve been hand building a few things. I’ve also did some “sketch” sculpting with some ideas I randomly had like a trianglur shaped mug. I want to really exaggerate this form though, so I’m thinking of how to make the connecting point as small as possible without it breaking but who knows if that’s possible. Also hopefully I’m not repeating things but I found a cone 6 recipe for maiolica and I really want to try that out. So I’ll probably do some testing for that soon!


Week 10

So far ive been working on some projects that I’ve been interested in before but didn’t have the chance for. Specifically making molds of test tubes. When I took chemistry in high school I was very intrigued and I was actually quite good at it then. I doubt I’m good anymore since it’s been a minute. Anyway a while back I saw a whole bunch of test tubes at a peddlers mall and I’ve just kept thinking that I needed to go back and do something with them. So I bought a couple of them and decided to make some molds. I’m still waiting for them to dry but I’m excited to try them out, it’s also a great way to practice my mold making skills because I have some projects that I’ll need to make molds off.


Week 8?

I haven’t written in a while but I think this is week 8… anyway for the past few weeks I had basically been preparing for my spacelab show. I basically made beetle after beetle nonstop and then bisqued them. After that I used majolica and final fired them to cone 04. Which I will post some pictures of my progress and the final spacelab show. During this time, I was also working on the glaze calc part of class. I have really enjoyed that because of all the surprises I got from that project. I want to continue doing more but I know I have to calm myself and not go glaze crazy. There’s just something addicting about seeing test tiles after they’ve been fired… anyway I do want to test and see different majolica white base glaze recipes. I also saw someone doing cone 6 majolica and i want to further investigate that! I also have many plans I want to test, especially since now I don’t have to worry about bfa crits or shows (for this semester). Besides that, I volunteered at the SXPF which was a great experience! I wish I could’ve networked a little bit better but I’m pretty awkward… oh well maybe next time. Also a couple weeks ago I got 2 mugs accepted into the MUGSHOT2 Competition thing!!! I’m really pumped about that!!!

Week 3

I’ve mainly been working on the apologia project. I’ve learned that I’m not that fast when it comes to hand building and it frustrates me a little. I’m guessing I’ll get quicker as time goes on so I just need to keep going at it. I’m also frustrated because the beetles I’ve made so far don’t really look like what I want them to look like but I’ve started a new way of making them and I’m much more content. I’d love to have an actual figeater beetle to use a reference and I may get one in the future and revisit this project. But for now, I’ll keep on trying for this.

I have attached pictures of my newer process, I make 2 Slabs and put a coil between them and then I smooth the sides and make a point. I’ve only done a few like this. Before I was making rectangular cubes and pinching them for the shape/carving away for the shape. But I felt like this elongated the form, the beetles are more boxy and they were looking too oval shaped. I’m still going to keep them but I think I like my newer process more!

I also decided to continue this similar idea of making multiple of a form (beetle in apologia project) with the two thirds semester project. I would do various amounts of sculptures of my bird. I also just realized I could make molds and slip cast instead of hand building all of the birds. So I might do that. If not, I plan on for sure getting at least 5 a week done and  I’m not sure if I’m underestimating my abilities or what, it doesn’t sound like a lot to me but I think I’m overthinking how bad I’m at handbuilding? I don’t know how to gauge how long something takes me to make. I’ll probably be making some this upcoming week just to test how long it would take me to make them.

Week 2 of Spring 2019

So I completely missed the first week after promising myself that I was going to be better about these blogs… anyway so far I’ve been trying to sculpt Mayates (beetles,  well a green figeater beetle) and it’s been kind of a struggle. Mainly because I haven’t sculpted realistic things before. I’ve also been practicing throwing. I made severely cylinders that I plan to modify, haven’t made an exact plan either. Also made some equal parts porcelain clay and can’t wait to use that! In the mean time I’m using cone 6 red clay.

I’m also still thinking as to what I want to do for my first SpaceLab show. I think that I am overthinking it to be honest. I know that I enjoy interactive works, just because I feel like it’s a different level of connection to people and that’s something I find important in itself. The act of connecting with someone that is. I’m just not sure how to set up the interactivity. I also mean physically interacting with my artwork because I feel that art is interactive by nature. I’m still more stuck on creating things that disregard function, and I plan on playing with texture and form. Also more majolica!

Week 16

this was the last week of school and I still feel like I’m exploring different ideas. These were my final projects

I enjoyed working on all these projects. My favorite part is the process but I need to start thinking about the end result. I’m also fond of surprises which is why I enjoy ceramics because of the different things that can happen. I know that for my future works I want to create things that are interactive, which I mean utilitarian forms are already interactive by nature but I mean as in non utilization forms. I want to encourage people to touch my ceramic work when it’s not in the form of a utilitarian vessel, because I like that connection. I feel like I’ve learned a lot this semester and while it may not seem like I’m sure what I’m doing (based on how different my works look to one another), I feel like I’m getting there. I’m almost there! Throughout the whole semester I have kept thinking I want to create an immersive environment and my next step is to figure out how I can accomplish that, and I already have an idea but, again… it’s not going to be consistent with what I’ve been making. However, I’m stating to have a better understanding as to what I’m trying to do!