Week 4

This week I threw some more little mugs, I still have to trim them and add a handle on them. I also made some small vases that were meant to be mugs but I couldn’t shape them properly. I trimmed my red clay pots and also began to work in a sphinx cat just because i feel like I haven’t worked much on figurative stuff since last semester and in general.

And here are the pots:

I also made some more donuts and unfortunately, I made the same tragedy as last time happen again. It was very sad but at least this large donut turned out a lot better than the other large one. I technically have all 5 donuts made but I want to make them more fluffylike because the ones I have so far, they’re flatter than I wanted them to be. So hopefully I can get them to be more fluffy.


Week 3

This week has been pretty unevently (regarding my ¬†productivity) to my disappointment, I was doing other things and couldn’t focus nor come to the studio until Sunday. However, I did enjoy being back to work on ceramics! There was a also a very exciting and surprising thing that happened this week! My facejug won firstplace for the Preston arts prize and Im still super happy and grateful for it! It’s really motivated me to continue to work hard on future projects! Like continuing to make even more donuts. I’ve basically completed all the donuts I need but I’m probably still going to make more in case they some don’t work out. Making the final biggest donut was slumped C challenging because I had to make a giant coil first and use a bigger plate. Center that coil was sooo difficult, I’m pretty I didn’t get any of them perfectly centered. The first big donut that I made was almost perfect but one of part was too thin and it looked like an air bubble so i popped it and consequently destroyed it. The second one I attempted I accidentally destroyed as well. It was the most promising but before I had completely attached it to the plate, I accidentally pressed the wheel peddle and the coil flew off, knocking the bucket with it and spilling the water.

It was a very sad moment but third times the charm! I was able to complete my final donut on the third attempt. I also tried to make handles for my mugs, they were meant to look like worms but they just look weird now. So I may take the handles off again.¬†IMG_7863.JPGI also made some lil pots using the red clay but I forgot to take pictures of them. I also ended up reclaiming some of the other small things I had thrown because i just didn’t like them and felt like I could do better.

Week 2

So this blog post is very late but I still wanted to at least do it. This week I had decided that I wanted to try to create the 5 circle piece instead of the other cubed pieces. Just because I liked the idea of it much more and I also learned how to make these donut shapes. The fearless leader, Brian, taught me how to make them using the wheel and it has been a process. It’s been somewhat challenging in different ways. I’m trying to keep these donuts in similar proportions like width or height but it gets more difficult the more I increase the size just because I always end up not getting enough clay. The first ones I did, I would push down to much. There’s also the difficult step of joining the two walls together, sometimes I can still see the line. Other times the top is too thin and it looks like there’s an air bubble underneath (which there is) but it has that floppy look as an air bubbles. So here are some of my donuts that I have made so far:

During this week I also threw some lil to be mugs/cups and some other things. I just wanted to take a break from making donuts. So here they are:

Week 1

This is week 1 of Ceramics II for me and I’ve never been more excited while being somewhat nervous. Nervous because I don’t exactly know what kind of pieces I would like to make this semester but excited because whatever I decide to do, I’ll probably enjoy it. For the first assignment, I have to make 5 objects for the pit fire. I have two ideas that I’m quite interested in and have already commenced one of them but, who knows if I’ll stick with that.

Hopefully this worked and my sketches are shown above. I want to play with a hollow shapes inside and outside through the middle, as more dimensions could be covered during the firing. So I have my first sketch with wreath like objects, and then a cube with a cylinderlike shape cutting through it. I’m most interested in completing the wreathlike one just because I would like to see the end product. I could set up the circles to face different directions and I just thought it would be an interesting process. For the other idea, I wanted to creat 5 cubes with cylinders cutting through them in various sizes. It would go from largest to smallest in a stacked format. I thought this would be a good way to explore the different variations that could occur during the pit firing because there would be a lot of surface area. So far, this is the idea I’ve worked on the most and I have somewhat finished a lil guy.

I wheel threw the cylinders and made slabs for the sides of the cube. I then used that one handy tool to make 45 degree angles on the slab just because and I like how it turned out.