Week 7

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really make a lot of progress this week for my thesis stuff because it was mainly wood kiln week. Oh I also gave a demo on majolica on Monday which I wish I would’ve planned better so I wouldn’t have been so awkward. It’s okay though, it was my first demo ever.

Aside from that I mainly prepared my things by glazing and wadding them for the wood kiln

Whoop there’s some bad photos again. Anyway yeah, I helped load the kiln and also with two evening shifts. I love doing wood fire kilns! I hate that I can never make it to the closing shift but hopefully one day I’ll make it to one!

I did go in Sunday to work on my stuff (finally) and I’ve been trying some new things so hopefully they work out because everything was falling apart on me. I let things get too hard so that was my bad. Anyway I’m feeling the stress for my show now. So here’s to hoping that I get everything done

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