Week 12

I don’t remember what week we are on at all but, I think the last thing I wrote was over the southern crossing festival and the work shops we had. It’s been super busy and eventful thanks to Rona2020. I’ve been working to make my color scheme a bit more vibrant instead of the darker blue tones.


Of course I forgot to take pictures of them after coming out of the glaze kiln. I added yellow and green crawling glaze to these. Aside from that I finalized my thoughts on other pieces I was to in corporate alongside this big piece. I’ve always wanted to have a narrative point within my work. I felt that this would be a great time to do that because it’s about a dream and in the dream there was a person who was exploring this place. So I thought of creating objects and trinkets that were found in this forest.

I started by morphing mushroom and lampshade but, I’m also combining natural objects with just basic objects. The only picture I have are the first ones I made


I’ve worked on a few more, working on the form but they’re all in bisque. I’m thinking if either displaying them on the shelf that I made for my original Bosque. I’m also planning on cutting that shelf in half to have two mini shelves. Lastly, I’ve been working on my big piece but i forgot to take a more recent photo of what I have… this is the last photo I’ve take


So the only parts without being built are the two sections on the outside (the ones closer to us). I’ve also painted a great deal of it with pink and blue but I will be adding more colors. Its been difficult to attach the branches because of angles.

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