The Semester Plan – Week 1 Spring 2020

Woooot! This is the beginning of my last semester, feels stressful already… However, I’m super excited for what is to come! For my thesis, I am planning on continuing from my last piece that I made of the trees. I am planning on building a lot more shelves/stands from wood and smaller ones to go on those using clay. I envision it to seem like a collage of materials. The overall shape and scale that I’m hoping to accomplish is like a U shape and wide enough for people to fit into the opening of the “U”.

To continue on that, my thoughts come from the moments of rituals, and meditation. Over the break, I was reflecting on my initial idea of how I wanted to expand my Forest  piece and the idea I had was more of a “this would look aesthetically pleasing” rather than a purpose. So while I was on facebook, I was reminded of the altars used for the Virgin Mary for the Day of Lady Guadalupe – this event is huge in Mexico. While I don’t really consider myself to be religious at all, the experiences I’ve had are still there. Anyways, this inspired to think of how people could interact with my piece as the Altar that I had been familiar with was also used as a “prop” to when my church would put on a play to reenact the story of lady Guadalupe. In addition to that I also think of places of sanctuary and solitude that a forest can bring, also thinking of other cultures where shrines would be placed in forests at times for that forests “spirit”. So in a way I feel like I am creating my own sacred space, or just a safe space – I do expect this to differ from people to people. Also the dream aspect is still connected, I just need to figure out how to articulate why I feel this connection.

Aside for that, I am going to start by working on my trees, and other objects that will be in this forest. I’m also working on testing out how to control the drippy-ness of the crawling glazes I’ve been using so I’ll be doing that while I work on the trees. I also plan on having 4-5 smaller pieces to go with my thesis, they’ll be like studies and hopefully will help me think of more ideas to incorporate into my bigger piece.

As far as constructing my shelves/stands, I will need to save up some money first but, I am also thinking of trying to find places that have discarded materials or something like that.

I almost forgot, for future life plans I am looking into post-bacc programs after I graduate… If that doesn’t work out then, I’ll do my best working at a studio in Louisville. I really do hope things work out!


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