Week 12

I think this is week 12, I’m not sure anymore. I spent of this week making my display “pedestal” for the senior group show at Tim Faulkner gallery. I’ve never really worked with wood before however, I enjoyed the process of constructing this display. I’m honestly excited to continue working with wood and so pleased with the outcome. The only thing that stressed me out the most was how I was going to paint/stain it. I’m so thankful with all the advice I received for this! I’m still surprised it worked, I didn’t have any major mess ups (I don’t think I did at all). I was prepared with some extra wood planks in case I did mess up and everything. It also didn’t break down on the way to set up for the gallery.

As far as the show went, we had a great turnout and it was so fun. I had a few good friends show up and it was just a great positive environment that day. I was nervous with how people would take my piece but the reaction was a lot more than I could’ve asked for. I don’t always feel confident with my work but, I think I’m getting better with that.



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