Week 6

So the main thing that happened was my bfa crit! I showed all my new things that I made:


That’s not a great photo but oh well! Once I unloaded the cone 6 kiln, I was shocked! The colors with the washes I had made were a lot more vibrant than I had anticipated. I’m really excited about this because this is more in line with what I’ve been wanting to do. I also feel like from my crit that these colors are working a bit better. I received a lot of new and good feedback and I hope to get grinding soon! I also did some glaze testing and I’m so pumped because I’m getting closer to making lil droppies! Woot woot! I just gotta keep going.

Also making things for the wood kiln! I’m so excited for it and hopefully we can fill it up! I’m trying to make some planters for my dying plants that really need new planters.

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