Week 5

I have been trying to work and get some things finished for my bfa crit! Also I made lots of stuff for the Valentine’s Day sale and I failed tremendously… I didn’t test out my glazes and they failed, lesson learned- always test your glazes!

Aside from that, I’ve been thinking of other objects I want to include in my thesis and decided to look at some photographs from my childhood. So I found this tree that I was photographed by quite a bit and so I’m trying to kind of recreate it. I’m also thinking of expanding the way I’ve been making my forest by adding rocks/cliffs and other forms besides my trees. While I was workin on that I began a pass with a hollow tree body that ended up turning into something else

I also accidentally dropped it but I’m fine with that, a lot more now than when it first happened. I didn’t know how to finish the top but then Brian mentioned how to reminded him of those circular vessels from Mexico and honestly I’ve always looked at them but never thought about how I could incorporate them into my work so that’s interesting to me.

Anyway the only other photo I took before loading my bisque was this


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