Week 9

I know it’s been a hot minute since I last posted things so what I’ve been working on is making trees to make a forest which I remember I mentioned in previous blogs that I was going to slip cast and so I made quite a few plaster molds for it. However, the casting recipe I used isn’t that ideal so instead I have decided to just use them as press molds essentially. I also ran into issues with the clay body that I made as it’s too short however, I’m just using a mixture of clay now as it doesn’t matter if they are uniform in that regard. I’m trying to find a good way to produce these trees effectively as well!

I also changed the way I formed the foliage of my trees instead of disc slabs I am attaching smaller sections of slabs in way that reminds me of tree bark as well as fungi that tend to grow on trees. Dude my bfa crit, a lot of people were reminded of the fungi rather than tree first. I’ve also had an interest in fungi I just didn’t have an idea of how. I find them to be just as interesting and otherworldly as forests are. So I purposely pushing for that idea but I’m also trying to make my trees to read more as trees first. So I hope that works out!

I don’t remember what pictures I’ve shown or not but here are 2 of my first trees:


And here is a wip of one of my newer ones:


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