Week 10

This week I’ve mainly been working on my trees, I had made a grand total of like 5 maybe 6? I went ahead and loaded those into a bisque and I must wait for their completion! I have a few more going and I’m just going to keep working the best I can. I want to start adding more details like fragments of objects but I think I may do that after my off campus show since those may take longer to do. I’m also thinking of how I’ll be displaying these, I hope to have them suspended but I’m not sure how. If I’m not able to do that I’d like to find a rounded pedestal or something to display them on there. I prefer that rather than square because then that suggests edges.


Besides that, we got a new assignment which is to pick an article from studio potter and the one I choose was an interview of an artist, Jaques Kaufman and it talks about bioactive architecture so I thought that was quite interesting. It adds another level of cotidiene audience interaction.

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