Week 6, fall 2019

So, I think I missed week 5 but I didn’t really have that much of a productive week anyway. I had to rethink a lot of what I was doing mainly because I was over analyzing everything and overthinking. However, I definitely feel that I’m in a lot better shape now! I have a better feeling of what I’m doing. So this past week I’ve been working on making trees, I plan to make a small scale forest. I’m going to be focusing on this dream I had that for some reason, randomly pops up in my memory and there is something about it that I want to convey. Thus, I’ve been working on some trees. That look like this:

imageThe one in the middle looks dumb with the way I’ve made the “foliage” so I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it that way. I just had a lot of slabs leftover and figured to make some to fit it just in case. Also I have redesigned the structure of the base of my trees, so they’re not going to look like that.  I also made some two plaster molds; 2 tree base forms and 2 small random things that I had made and liked the shape of. I’m currently casting one so I can’t show that one but here are the 3:


The middle one looks like tentacles so not sure if I’ll use it. Also I may have had an accident with making plaster molds and now I won’t be using clay to build my plaster mold walls when it’s raining out… luckily I cleaned it well enough that there’s no trace left…

Anyways, this upcoming week I’m testing slips, and glazes basically.





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