Week 4 Fall 2019

I have been working on basically the same projects from last week; the tree and the plaza-esque piece. As far as the tree piece goes, I think I’m going to start over and just use what I have as my tester. I just have new ideas and a new direction for that particular piece. I wasn’t modeling the tree after a specific type and now I am thinking of a montezuma cypress tree to reference. However, here is the progress I made with the tree.


I really do enjoy the way it looks but, I have different plans now! I’m also not sure what I’m doing about the leaves. I have made these:


Which I was going to space out with wire  between to create the silhouette of the leave mass on the tree. However, I honestly don’t know if that would work or what but this is something I need troubleshoot for sure.

Also as far as my plaza scene this is what I have so far:

I’m super excited with how they look so far! I have been quite patient with this process. I basically first make some slabs and sandwich them between two pieces of wood or drywall and then just modify them once that happens. It’s been working pretty well so far! I just have to round out the pillars for arches and add some more slates on the rectangular/triangle parts.

Some other things I’ve been working on this week includes; finally preparing to test some come 6 maiolica and Elliot Kayser’s Shigaraki!

I’m super excited to see how these two things turn out!! For the majolica I just wanted to do something quick.

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