Week 14

The final blog for the semester and I think I did a lot better this time around for these blogs. Anyway, I know forgot to do week 3 but to summarize I worked on getting my things ready for the soda kiln (instead of wood) and also worked on finishing up what I needed for the final crit… I did majolica on some pieces, I’ll attach some photos. During the process of making these bowls, I had to be patient a lot because I had used molds and I had to wait for the correct timing in order to remove them so they wouldn’t warp. I think I definitely got better as time went on but I did have a lot of mess ups. I only have three good ones that I felt were good enough to show. In all I don’t know how to feel, I feel like I was a bit unsuccessful this semester in that I didn’t keep on track with my goals and got distracted by making other things. I definitely need to work on having clear goals and strive to meet them. Also on my time management, something I always struggle with…

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