Week 12

This week I was able to make a few things for the wood kiln and some other things for maiolica. They’ve also been through the bisque! I made some planters, mainly because I messed the things I threw and just made them into planters. I accidentally let some of them dry to quickly and cracks developed so that was disappointing. I guess I just didn’t cover them as good as I thought. I also originally had planned to make a mold of coco to cast but I’m not sure thatll be ready mainly because it seems like it’ll be complicated and I’ll have to run through different problems. Instead I have been working on this other project, continuing with my idea of playing with nostalgia and things people may have done as kids. This particular experience revolves around looking under rocks for bugs and that sort of thing. I’m making slabs and putting them on a hump? Mold and so then I carve out the negative space between some rolly Polly shapes. The plan is to do maiolica on the inside (paint bugs inside) and place these on a wall, the maiolica facing wall with a mirror on the other side. The idea is that a person will have to get up close and look through the crevasses to try and see what’s underneath.

Those are some random things for the wood kiln… the ones I remembered to photograph

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