Week 8?

I haven’t written in a while but I think this is week 8… anyway for the past few weeks I had basically been preparing for my spacelab show. I basically made beetle after beetle nonstop and then bisqued them. After that I used majolica and final fired them to cone 04. Which I will post some pictures of my progress and the final spacelab show. During this time, I was also working on the glaze calc part of class. I have really enjoyed that because of all the surprises I got from that project. I want to continue doing more but I know I have to calm myself and not go glaze crazy. There’s just something addicting about seeing test tiles after they’ve been fired… anyway I do want to test and see different majolica white base glaze recipes. I also saw someone doing cone 6 majolica and i want to further investigate that! I also have many plans I want to test, especially since now I don’t have to worry about bfa crits or shows (for this semester). Besides that, I volunteered at the SXPF which was a great experience! I wish I could’ve networked a little bit better but I’m pretty awkward… oh well maybe next time. Also a couple weeks ago I got 2 mugs accepted into the MUGSHOT2 Competition thing!!! I’m really pumped about that!!!

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