Week 3

I’ve mainly been working on the apologia project. I’ve learned that I’m not that fast when it comes to hand building and it frustrates me a little. I’m guessing I’ll get quicker as time goes on so I just need to keep going at it. I’m also frustrated because the beetles I’ve made so far don’t really look like what I want them to look like but I’ve started a new way of making them and I’m much more content. I’d love to have an actual figeater beetle to use a reference and I may get one in the future and revisit this project. But for now, I’ll keep on trying for this.

I have attached pictures of my newer process, I make 2 Slabs and put a coil between them and then I smooth the sides and make a point. I’ve only done a few like this. Before I was making rectangular cubes and pinching them for the shape/carving away for the shape. But I felt like this elongated the form, the beetles are more boxy and they were looking too oval shaped. I’m still going to keep them but I think I like my newer process more!

I also decided to continue this similar idea of making multiple of a form (beetle in apologia project) with the two thirds semester project. I would do various amounts of sculptures of my bird. I also just realized I could make molds and slip cast instead of hand building all of the birds. So I might do that. If not, I plan on for sure getting at least 5 a week done and  I’m not sure if I’m underestimating my abilities or what, it doesn’t sound like a lot to me but I think I’m overthinking how bad I’m at handbuilding? I don’t know how to gauge how long something takes me to make. I’ll probably be making some this upcoming week just to test how long it would take me to make them.

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