Week 2 of Spring 2019

So I completely missed the first week after promising myself that I was going to be better about these blogs… anyway so far I’ve been trying to sculpt Mayates (beetles,  well a green figeater beetle) and it’s been kind of a struggle. Mainly because I haven’t sculpted realistic things before. I’ve also been practicing throwing. I made severely cylinders that I plan to modify, haven’t made an exact plan either. Also made some equal parts porcelain clay and can’t wait to use that! In the mean time I’m using cone 6 red clay.

I’m also still thinking as to what I want to do for my first SpaceLab show. I think that I am overthinking it to be honest. I know that I enjoy interactive works, just because I feel like it’s a different level of connection to people and that’s something I find important in itself. The act of connecting with someone that is. I’m just not sure how to set up the interactivity. I also mean physically interacting with my artwork because I feel that art is interactive by nature. I’m still more stuck on creating things that disregard function, and I plan on playing with texture and form. Also more majolica!

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