Week 7

I completely forgot about week 6, even though I took some pictures. As a recap I had some issues with my project with the pods here are some pictures

Later on when I lifted it back up it fell down while I wasn’t there…

Anyway, I made some new type of clay that’s great for sculpture and it is amazing. I just love it a lot, I started remaking this project using it but I’m still going to try to salvage the original. But here are some pics of the new one.

I also began to work on something that is representative of cities and I just wanted to make something that gestures to this perspective of looking at a city from a distance where the buildings seem to clump together.

They aren’t connected yet in those pictures but that’s something I’m working on this week (week 8). I’m also having issues with conceptual matter. There are a lot of things I want to base my work on but I just don’t know how and that’s where my issue lies.

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