Week 5?

I began attaching my pods together which was working great however, issues began to emerge. For one, some pods I made too thin and easily got bent/broke. I also used the wrong clay for this project which I like the clay so I’m just going to struggle through it. So far this project has caused me to try different things so it’s been a good learning process. I’m also goin goin back to more cylinder shaped pods because it may make attaching things together easier. I really need to start pumping these pods out though because so far all my pieces have ended up cracking and what not so I don’t have as much done as I’d like. The cracking may have also been my bad because of all the moving I did on them, so far the one I haven’t touched hasnt cracked. Also, I was suggested to make and use paperclay slip, epsom salt or vinegar  to fix cracks so I’m definitely going to be trying those things out.

Oh ive also been trying different ways to attach them I think it’s easiest to put them into a concave circle. I also made a damp box this week!

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