Week 4

For this week, I’ve been working on the new complex project. I’ve just been throwing off the hump making cone like objects. It has been an interesting process for sure, there are times when it’s easy and other times when the first handful of them just don’t work at all. The saddest parts are when I have a perfect cone form and as I’m trying to get it off the hump I accidentally mess it up by jabbing my finger at it while it’s spinning. So I’ve been trying to keep my hands more coordinated, it’s something that I absolutely need to work on even for outside of ceramics. This week I also stumbled upon a ceramic artist on Instagram @art_dekarla and she’s an undergrad ceramic student who is from Jalisco, a state in Mexico from which I’m also from!!! So it’s very exciting to see someone who shares a similar background to me, also share a similar interest. Her artworks are beautiful, she makes traditional like forms and paints on top of them naturalistic  birds and hearts. I’ll try to post an image of hers. I am really inspired by how she uses underglaze and I may want to experiment with under glaze maybe. She also paints a lot of hummingbirds on her pieces (not a lot but her pieces tend to have a hummingbird on them) which I found interesting because I also have created things based around hummingbird

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