Week 3

This week I finished the found trash project, well I found parts that I had made for it in my car after presenting it so it’s not as finished as it could be. I may attach them on still but I’m not sure.

Other than that I began the complex project and I’m throwing small bowl like forms, I’m trying to make them more cone shaped now though. Anyway, I’m trying to make a lot of them to create a foxglove sculpture. I’ve been trying to find something to focus my work around and so I came up with a list of things I liked. I enjoy installations and so I am hoping I can make enough of this floral sculptures so that I can create a space that can be walked around. It’s a long shot but I’m hoping to continue this idea with other objects to include. I just always seem to have a hard time making body of works that are cohesive together and I figured I should at least make an attempt on something that I want to focus on. I also still enjoy making functional stuff so I work on making some vessels. I figure I could focus on sculptural objects and then do functional ware on the side.

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