Week 2 (some week 1)


I really don’t know why I forget to write my blog entries so easily it’s not like I hate writing these. I think it’s a beneficial thing to do, I want to make it more of a habit to post things on social media but I’m always forgetting to do so??? Also these are ramblings to myself because I’m a dummy. Anyways, a few days ago when I was thinking of what to include in this blog, since I missed week 1 as well, I was going to still include what I had done.

it mainly consisted working on the first project that utilized found materials/objects. Originally I wanted to make a hammock like object but I realized they was probably not feasibly and I ended up not liking that idea either way. So the first week I spent the majority of it just braiding strips of shower curtain like material like this E599767A-2DAC-494B-85DA-59150F039FC8.jpegand then I crocheted them into circles which I was only able to make 2 out of all this (baby sized hammock could’ve been made to the very least) and I thought I took pictures but I guess not. Anyway now I’m trying to make circular crocheted objects, I found some cloth and washed them so that’s for this week (week 3 spoilers).

Week 2, this is probably when I made the circular crocheted things, I confuse the things I make time wise so that’s why these blogs are also helpful. But I’m pretty sure this is when I began to crochet.  For week 2, I also found some wire hangers that I began to take apart but I’m not sure just yet what I want to do with them. It’s fine I have today to figure it out 😱

this week it mainly consisted of me throwing on the wheel a lot.  I’m practicing throwing cylinders and trying to get IT down! I feel like I have a lot more to learn. I’ve been going all the way to the bottom making a bottomless cylinder basically and just pulling without a base. I have pictures too.ive always wanted to squish my cylinders just to do it but never have so I decided to do that for these and then I tried to further manipulate. I like the way the firms look too. I’ll post some pics so it’ll make more sense. Oh I also made clay this week. The pictures are above for some reason I will try to fix this later.

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