Week 15

I did terribly with the blog posts but I at least wanted to make sure I made a final post for the semester and i’m surprised that I remembered. I’ve learned a lot this semester and I’m beginning to explore a lot of new things! I really enjoyed doing all the atmospheric firings and I hope to continue doing those. I especially love the Soda kiln and I hope to create a lot more work utilizing it. Here are some pictures of work I did that was fired in the soda kiln:

We also finished unloading the wood kiln so here are some pictures from that firing:

The color from the ash is a lot different from the soda kiln which I find to be super cool. I especially love the red colors and where you can see the movement of the fire. I made a little table and I had some chairs but those didn’t make it in the wood kiln. However, they did make it into the soda, so I’m waiting for those!

I also finally finished all my pit firing art works so here is a picture of some :

C2B302B3-842C-4BDB-8D1E-9FBB3A76D620.jpegI also enjoyed the pit fires but I wish that it could go to higher temperatures so that I could make cups or something because I really love the textures/patterns/look of the pieces.

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