Week 8?

I’m honestly not sure what week we are in but anyway, for this past week I’ve been working a little  more on my hand building. I think I’m a little slow on that though. I’m still wheel throwing despite having said I wanted to take a break. I’ve been trying to mix hand building and throwing together though which is what I’m going to work on some more. The only thing I hate is trimming because it’s frustrating and I feel like I’m doing it wrong. But I guess I just have to continue practicing! Here’s a picture of some new things I’ve made:

I also want to start utilizing texture more in my pieces, because I think that once I have glaze on it then it’ll add some cool effects.

Also I helped with the Southern Crossing Pottery Festival and it was pretty fun. I was also super inspired by all the amazing ceramic work that was there and I was so happy to have been able to speak with some of the artists. It was a great experience overall! Also, I think the news lady was there as a sponsor which I think was so cool! And she spoke about community and how we were able to make this happen thanks to community. I’m really excited for next years and to see how it’ll go! Here’s a picture of the news lady (maybe) and Jason:


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