Week 6

I completely forgot what I did for week 5 so sorry for skipping a week šŸ˜¢ This week I worked on some bowls and cups (which are currently getting bisqued so I have no picture). I also got back some stuff that I had bisqued.

My final donuts with the holes are also currently getting bisqued too! For the Soda kiln project I plan on doing vessels with figurative elements like bird faces/forms.


I really like the humming bird form I did, incorporating its movement and also using the beak as the spout. So I’m not sure if I should make various versions of that vessel or design other ones. I feel like that one is the most successful sketch/design I currently have. I also like the idea of the swan cup form, so I might make some of those.

This week I also realized how much I don’t like trimming, I can never get my pieces centered enough and it’s really frustrating but I guess I have to continue practicing. At the same time, I want to work on my handbuiling skills. So for week 7, I might focus more on handbuilding while doing some throwing on the side but not as much.

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