Week 1

This is week 1 of Ceramics II for me and I’ve never been more excited while being somewhat nervous. Nervous because I don’t exactly know what kind of pieces I would like to make this semester but excited because whatever I decide to do, I’ll probably enjoy it. For the first assignment, I have to make 5 objects for the pit fire. I have two ideas that I’m quite interested in and have already commenced one of them but, who knows if I’ll stick with that.

Hopefully this worked and my sketches are shown above. I want to play with a hollow shapes inside and outside through the middle, as more dimensions could be covered during the firing. So I have my first sketch with wreath like objects, and then a cube with a cylinderlike shape cutting through it. I’m most interested in completing the wreathlike one just because I would like to see the end product. I could set up the circles to face different directions and I just thought it would be an interesting process. For the other idea, I wanted to creat 5 cubes with cylinders cutting through them in various sizes. It would go from largest to smallest in a stacked format. I thought this would be a good way to explore the different variations that could occur during the pit firing because there would be a lot of surface area. So far, this is the idea I’ve worked on the most and I have somewhat finished a lil guy.

I wheel threw the cylinders and made slabs for the sides of the cube. I then used that one handy tool to make 45 degree angles on the slab just because and I like how it turned out.

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